How to Choose the Right Tree Lopping Company in Perth?

Tree Lopping Perth

If you’ve never hired an arborist before, you may not know the necessary questions to ask and qualifications you should consider to ensure that your trees are maintained by a professional who understands the job inside and out.

Homeowners generally don’t realize how dangerous, complicated, time-consuming and technically demanding tree care work can be, and often choose to follow the usual tutorials and do-it-yourself guides posted on the Internet by someone sitting in their pajamas. If you are truly concerned about your safety, the safety of those around you, the safety of your property, and your trees, you should consider hiring “only” a licensed arborist. After all, the last thing any homeowner would want to see is a tree on their property and a tree company with no insurance to pay the bills for the damage.

Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing Tree Lopping Company in Perth.


Tree lopping companies in Perth are many in number, but only a handful of them are licensed, insured, and employ professionals to get the job done on your property, on time, without risking a thing.

Most of the companies that claim to offer the cheapest rate in the market are often the ones you must ignore first because arborist is a professional and tiresome job, which definitely doesn’t come cheap.


The following are some other essential factors to help you choose the right tree lopping company in Perth.


1. Get verifiable copies of insurance.

There are already plenty of insurance types out there, enough to cause confusion even among professionals. But as a homeowner, the insurance type you should be looking for from a tree lopping company is liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

The liability insurance proves that the company you have hired is covered by insurance that will handle every type of damages that they may end up making on your property. For example, say, due to some miscalculations, the tree falls on your roof and ends up in your kitchen instead of on the ground. When the tree company has liability insurance, all the damages on your property will be covered by that insurance company, and you won’t have to pay a penny for any restoration done.

The second insurance that is the employee compensation insurance is actually to protect you from any misfortunate financial trouble you may have to face if any of the three companies employ gets hurt on your premises. Usually, homeowners live in a delusion that they are home insurance will cover such types of incidents. Unfortunately, home insurance doesn’t cover contractors for their employees.

There are some companies that will even tell you that their worker’s Compensation exemption, but the hard truth is that the exemptions are only applicable for up to 3 employees. So, if you find that your hired tree company employ helpers, rest assured they are not covered by compensation exemption and that anything that happens to them on your premises will eventually fall upon you.

You will, therefore, always want to have copies of documentation detailing the actual people covered by insurance who are working on your property and ensure that only those people are working on the job site once the work has begun. You should also always check that the tree care company’s insurance is still active and covered.

These basic but necessary steps will ensure you and your family is protected under every circumstance.


2. Get Written Estimates.

This seems like an obvious requirement, but you’ll be surprised at the number of homeowners who hire contractors without first getting a written quote, and needless to say, they all end up losing their hard-earned money. It is essential to understand that every contractor is a business and that if they are not truly committed to providing customer-focused service, they will use every tactic in their arsenal to make more money from you.

Anyone with experience in hiring contractors knows how complicated it can be to get a specific quote from any company, especially when the work concerned is technical and specialized and also because many factors influence the final cost. But as an owner, your first priority must be to get a quote from your tree company and use it to compare offers from other tree companies in your area. This will help to get your work done at a much better price without sacrificing quality and safety.


3. Hire Only Certified Arborist

Becoming a self-proclaimed tree care professional is easy because there are absolutely no policies to govern the process meaning there is no state licensing requirement. So, essentially anyone can claim to be an arborist without actually having even the slightest idea of how to get the job done.


4. Ask Questions Regarding How the Job Would Be Done

You are obligated to ask every question about how the work will be done. Will heavy equipment be brought onto your lawn that is likely to damage the grass or irrigation on your property? Exactly how long will the work be carried out? Will the people going to work on your property be using those stakes to climb up your trees? Does the company meet NCAA 300 standards? These are all good questions to avoid surprises on the day the work is done.



When looking for an arborist in Perth, always remember to do detailed research on the tree care company you plan to hire. If you are unsure or are frustrated, consider talking to your neighbors, friends, or family members to get in touch with the tree care company they have recommended.

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