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Palm Tree Removal in Perth

We understand how important both your palm trees and your property are to you. So we are committed to offering you quality palm tree removal, palm tree trimming and palm skinning services. To offer you the best possible service, we only hire professionals, who have a high-level of experience in handling palm trees, to ensure that our arrangements with you are performed with the utmost professionalism.

Palm Trees are beautiful and can improve the appearance of your home by a great degree, but sometimes it is necessary to remove them. They might have grown big to an extent that it now blocks the beautiful views that you previously enjoyed. You might want it removed so that you can have some space to add other amenities, such as a pool, to your home. Or it could just be that the palm tree is posing a serious risk to your property. Well, no matter the reason, you can trust us to execute the palm tree removal in a satisfactory manner that meets all your outlined objectives.

Can I DIY the palm tree removal?

When it comes to the removal of a palm tree standing in front of your property, there always is a risk involved since the job requires the use of a ladder and climbing, not to mention the fact that you expect to use cutting tools that could lead to injury if mishandled. Being such an intricate and complicated task, it is no surprise that most property owners in Australia choose to hire palm tree cutting professionals like Tree Loppers Perth.

Furthermore, palm trees develop and grow huge fronds, especially if you do not regularly prune or trim them. When it is time to remove them, and you notice that the fronds already come into contact with utility lines, then it is undoubtedly a recipe for disaster. If you do not hire a professional you might end up getting injured.

Reasons to hire a professional to remove your palm trees

As much as we take good care of our palm tree, we don’t know exactly when it will die. Palm trees are beautiful trees that provide you with a lot of benefits advantages. However, when it dies, it’s a whole different story. Palm trees will become a nuisance and a problem in your yard. Once your tree reaches this point, it’s time for you to call for professional palm tree removal service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Palm Tree Removal in Perth

The average cost of palm tree removal is $240, this is for your run of the mill Cocas Palm. The real range is $150 to $2,500. At the lower end you have Alexander palms and at the high are Canary Island Date Palms.

Price varies greatly depending on the palm species, its location on your property and difficulty to remove.
Size of the palm
Obviously this is one of the main factors. Height is actually easy to deal with, it’s the girth of the trunk that will cost you money. You will notice with the above palms, the larger the trunk, the exponentially more expensive the palm is to remove.

Accessibility & location
Access is a big factor when determining cost to remove a palm tree. Having your palm in the front yard as opposed to be situated at the rear can actually save you 50%. The reason is it take a lot more time and man power to more the tree by hand to the truck out the front. If you have great rear access then this should not be a problem.

If the tree is in a garden with lots of space around to fell the tree and cut it up, it’s a faster job and will be much cheaper. If it is in a hard to get to spot like in a pool area and the tree must be climbed and blocked down piece by piece,, then it will cost you more.

Number of trees
With each extra tree, it is not as simple as just multiplying the above figures. They become a lot cheaper in bulk. This is something you are best getting a quote on and is a little hard to calculate due to the above factors. You can try the tree removal calculator above which will give you a fairly accurate quote.

Stump removal
The above prices do not include the stump. Palms are quote soft through, so it is not going to cost you much to get the stump removed. About $50 each should cover it. (This is for a stump 30-40cm) for larger stumps, please see our stump removal cost guide.
If there is plenty of room to work at the base of a palm, then they are relatively easy to remove. Having just one single trunk and some small leaves at the top make them quite and easy to handle for any trained arborist.

We do not recommend you attempting to remove a palm tree yourself without the proper training. Chainsaws are extremely dangerous tools and using one from at heights makes it twice as dangerous.
In most cases no. Tree services will come and cut down your palm tree for a fee, but the odds of you selling your tree are slim. If your tree is a desirable palm species such as a Date palm, you might be able to sell it to a local landscaping company who will then sell it on for a profit.

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