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Tree stumps are unquestionably a nuisance to the eyes, and every property owner wants to get rid of them because of the serious risk they pose not only to property values but also to the aesthetic aspect of the property. In addition, if left unchecked, the roots from the stump can grow and damage the structure of your property, creating a potentially serious risk of liabilities for property owners.

So, should you be a keen homeowner wanting to grind tree stump, you will want to know how much it will cost you and what are the different procedures involved in getting it removed properly and professionally.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost in Perth?

Stump removal is a labor-intensive, technical, and somewhat dangerous work, in which people with no prior knowledge or understanding of the various subtleties involved shouldn’t even try doing themselves. There are, of course, dozens of YouTube videos on DIY stump removal that you can follow to get results, but if you want to be 100% sure of the stump removal off your property, you will need to call in stump removal professionals.

Professional stump grinding services don’t come cheap, especially when the average price range varies from $ 100-$ 400. The variation in the pricing depends heavily upon various factors, including the diameter of the stump, its location, girth, and any other hazardous factors involved.

To just give you a basic understanding, if you have had a large tree, then it stumps removal will cost you anywhere between $ 200-$ 350. It stumps removal of smaller trees will cost you around $ 200-$ 400.

But now the question arises, why is tree stump removal so costly?

It’s expensive because of the heavy machinery used, the labor, and the time they invest in clearing your property.

Of course, there are many other factors that determine the cost of grinding the tree stump. Among the most important are the following.


Cost Determining Factors


1. The Diameter of The Tree Stump

Many tree stump grinding service providers will bill you based on the diameter of the stump, measuring it in inches. These service providers will measure the stump diameter over the widest part from the ground level. On average, a homeowner should expect to pay about three dollars for each inch of stump diameter. So, for example, if the stump on your property is, say, 30 inches, the owner should expect to pay about $90 for the grinding process. However, given the cost of mobilizing heavy machinery and labor on your property, most stump removal companies charge a minimum of $100 or $120. This is obviously not the most customer-oriented service, and homeowners will certainly lose money if they have only one stump to remove on their property. It is therefore always advised to consider all options, contact all service providers in your area, and discuss their rates in detail before hiring them for the work.

2. Completion Time

As mentioned earlier, stump grinding is labor-intensive work and requires an understanding of the operation of specialized machinery as well as concern for the safety of nearby property and people. For this reason, and due to the company’s internal policy, it is likely that you will be charged approximately $150 for each hour of work. However, contrary to the minimum fee, this type of billing is advantageous for owners who have to have dozens or even hundreds of stumps grinded from their property. Considering that a stump grinding agency that charges by the hour take 15 minutes to remove a stump, homeowners are already saving hundreds of dollars if they have several stumps to have grinded from their site.

3. Number of Stumps

Finally, they are stump grinding services that charge their customers based on the number of stumps to remove. If you plan on hiring such a service provider, it’s always advisable to first consult with their customer representative to discuss their pricing and any offer they may provide you if you have multiple stumps to be grinded. Once you have the finalized pricing, hire the service provider to enjoy a much cleaner and safer backyard.


Factors That Can Significantly Increase the Cost of Stump Grinding


As all trees are not alike, all stumps are not alike too. There are several factors that can contribute to good the increase in the cost of stump grinding.

It’s necessary to understand that sometimes the tree stumps are in difficult positions where it becomes difficult for the heavy machinery to operate at its full efficiency. This may lead to an increase in time spent on every stump removal, thus eventually adding up to the total cost.

Enlisted are some essential factors that may increase the cost of stump grinding:

  1. Underground cables or pipelines.
  2. The proximity of the tree stump to your or your neighbor’s property.
  3. Narrow access to the location where the tree stump is rooted.
  4. When the stump is located near the garden bed.
  5. The uneven ground level makes it difficult for heavy machinery to operate efficiently.
  6. Incorrect diameter measurement of the tree stump.


How to Save Money on Tree Stump Grinding?

One of the crucial factors that will significantly improve your savings or cost you more money is the type of stump grinding service provider you hire. As a responsible homeowner, you should conduct thorough research on any stump grinding company you plan on hiring. Also, you should not limit your options to just one service provider as a single Google search can get you access to dozens if not hundreds of professional stumps grinding service providers in your region.

Always look for the company which has been in the business for at least five or six years, have professional employees who understand the intricacies involved in offering customer-oriented services, and finally discuss their pricing in detail, so you don’t get to face any shockingly expensive rates.

You may also invest a bit of money and time on purchasing some basic tools to clear out the area around the stump, so when your hired stump grinding professionals arrive, they can get going with their job. But, be advised professionals wouldn’t recommend this.

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