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Tree Mulching Perth

Tree mulching is a great way to get rid of downed branches, fallen trees, and other yard waste on your property. Leaving downed trees or branches lying around can harm the appearance of your landscape or even pose as a liability risk. It’s important to take action of removing your downed trees/branches as soon as possible.

The best option for getting rid of those trees and branches quickly and efficiently is to have them ‘mulched’(turned into wood chips). We’ve successfully mulched thousands of trees from all over Perth and WA – from Mandurah all the way to the northern suburbs of Perth.

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Why Tree mulching is important?

Cutting or trimming trees always means having removed materials that need to be disposed of, it is just a natural and integral step in the process. If you have a need for the tree material for building projects or possibly firewood you can request the material be left. Typical urban or suburban properties generally don’t have the extra space that people want to have tree branches and limbs to be piled up, and dead wood on the ground can mean a higher risk of termites.

Once the branches and limbs have been removed from a tree they need to be disposed of, and wood chippers are the way tree companies get the job done. Chippers are typically portable units that can be towed behind trucks.

Mulch, or wood chips are a material that can be laid over the surface of soil as a covering. Mulch is used to retain the moisture in the soil. At Tree Loppers Perth, we create mulch from some of our tree removal services such as stump grinding, and wood chipping. Mulch can be used in garden beds, used for control to prevent runoff, used to suppress weeds, and more. Some mulch may need to be used for compost if it has come from a tree containing pathogens or fungus.

Benefits of mulching?

Mulching offers a variety of benefits, including the fact that it is environmentally friendly. It reduces the need to fill landfills with green waste. At Tree Loppers Perth, our experts use untreated wood for the mulching of your tree branches. Mulching also reduces the growth of weeds, provides useful nutrients to the soil, improves the health of your trees, loosens compacted soil, conserves moisture, and reduces water usage. With so many benefits derived from tree mulching, it wouldn’t make sense to care for your trees without mulching. This is why it is added to our tree pruning routine when we are called upon to service your trees.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Mulching in Perth

Mulch is a broad term that refers to any material that is layered on top of the soil around plants. It is a process used to help promote growth and increase plant health; helping to regulate temperature, encourage microorganisms to grow and reduce soil compaction – among a wide range of other benefits.

Wood chips are a type of mulch created from broken down wood and bark. Wood chips are a particularly robust and effective form of mulch that is especially beneficial when used on perennial plants, fruiting species and trees – though wood chips can be beneficial to most varieties of gardens.
We use industry-leading tools and machinery for all of our services, this includes our top of the line chippers. While our chippers can chew through branches and trees with incredible speed, they are restricted by the size of the wood. Our team needs to break down the green waste into manageable segments and feed it through the machine. For a small tree or pile of branches, this can be done within minutes, while a large tree may take up to an hour.
Mulching can be done with tree removal or as a separate job. At Tree Loppers Perth, we prefer to get the whole job done. This means that if you have a tree you want removed, we will be able to create mulch or wood chips for you out of the tree or remaining stump. Most often our clients want the debris removed after a tree removal job. Cost is depending on accessibility, size of the tree, and amount of mulch desired. For more information on cost, please contact us for a quote.
Mulch is of great benefit to Gardeners and Landscapers. It is an essential component of low maintenance landscapes, has decorative value, and can offer many benefits to soil and plants. It can reduce the amount of water lost through evaporation by shielding the soil from the drying ray's of the sun.

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