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Tree pruning in Perth might seem like the same thing as tree trimming, but the goal with pruning is different. For mature trees pruning is the practice of removing dying or dead branches from the tree. Doing this helps make safer and healthier trees. In addition to removing dead branches pruning can help make your trees more storm resistant.

Tree pruning can be dangerous work, so the knowledge and use of specialized equipment is very important.  It is not only important for the safety of the person(s) pruning the tree, but also for the surrounding property where the tree stands.  Homes, businesses, automobiles and passers by can be put at serious and unnecessary risk.  Other considerations need to be taken when working on trees that are next-to or near-by electrical power lines or have electrical lines running through their branches.

Tree Loppers Perth  can provide the services of a trained crew including professional arborists, required safety equipment, liability insurance and of course, knowledge and experience. 

Why do trees need pruning?

Trees in Perth need to be trimmed for various reasons including safety and health and also aesthetics. It may be because branches are damaged, rotting away, or likely to fall on your home, powerlines, or the roof of a nearby house. There are many advantages to tree pruning services we provide, such as improving tree health by removing dead/dying branches, which increases both air circulation and sun exposure, along with opening up the views from your property and training young trees to take shape.

Proper pruning encourages strong growth, increases flower and fruit production, improves plant health, and removes damaged limbs, all which give aesthetic appeal to a tree. 

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Effective tree pruning takes time as it takes longer to prune correctly than simply cut a tree down. Our professionals work with the tree to explore the direction of growth, nodes and joins and to carefully check the tree for any tree pests or tree diseases. We check for poor limb unions and cracks, as well as any other tree safety concerns. Our expert team will talk you through their findings, and help you with tangible advice and clear strategies to maintain the health of your trees.

Is it time to prune your trees?

Anytime between late fall and early spring is best for trimming or pruning.

And even better, dormant pruning in late fall or winter saves time and money by helping with disease management.

A typical tree pruning services includes:

Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Pruning in Perth

Primarily, tree trimming is for shrubs and hedges while tree pruning is for trees and shrubs. Trimming is to ensure that the shrub or hedge will grow perfectly, but pruning is for protecting the tree or shrub. Pruning services tend to get rid of dead, loose, or infected branches so the shrub can flourish, or gives the shrub a different shape for aesthetic purposes. Tree trimming services is done to remove overgrown bushes so that shrubs can get more moisture and light.
All dead branches can be pruned. Up to 15% of the live canopy may be pruned without too much detriment to the tree. Most Council policies also recommend no more than 15% be removed.
In most cases, no. Pruning to remove deadwood and limbs overhanging your house do not usually require approval. If you wish to prune more than 15% of the live canopy off your tree, then Council approval is usually required. Approval will be required for all work on trees that have been identified as endangered or threatened species, this also applies to trees that are on the Councils significant tree register. Dead sections may be removed without Council approval.
If dead tree sections are a habitat to endangered wildlife, consultation with the Council and/or a wildlife group is recommended prior to pruning.
The cost of pruning will vary according to the scale of the job and the nature of the pruning required. A small tree will cost a lot less than a large canopy tree due to the amount of time, people, equipment and safety precautions needed. Pruning a very large mature tree can cost anywhere from $1500 upwards.

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