How do I get council approval to remove a tree?

How do I get council approval to remove a tree_

Trees are nature’s most invaluable gift to us as they provide us with a variety of benefits not only as raw materials but as water catchment features as well as beautification on our lands. This is probably why you would need approval from the council before you can proceed with the falling of a tree. Getting this approval is not a difficult task, this article offers you a guide on how you can get the council approval in simple steps.

You will have to get a permit for removal of a tree, even one that is in your property. In some instances, however, you would not need to go through the process like in a normal situation. Like when you want to fall a tree of a specific species and even if the condition of the tree suggests that it might fall soon and hurt whoever is close to it. Similarly, if the tree is growing in an uncontrollable manner in which it poses danger to either human life or your property, your case might be exempted from getting council approval.

The state of Western Australia highly treasures their trees because of the benefits that trees provide the public and also to prevent the uncontrolled cutting of trees by the public. That is why there are strict regulations that limit the uncontrolled cutting of trees which will lead to several environmental complications that might tur out to be irreversible.

You have to consult the council if your reason to remove the tree is eligible following the laws that you are to comply with. This will help you steer clear from hefty fines as well as other issues with the authorities that would be the case if you remove a tree while defying the laws of the country. You could also check up the published regulations which somehow exempt a tree from needing the approval of the council for them to be removed. Those that are exempted from approval are mainly those of a particular species or even those growing in an uncontrolled manner.

The application of tree removal from the council

At times, trees grow wildly and pose a danger to human beings either on their home or even a walking path. For such trees, they have to be controlled either through trimming the overgrown branches or even just removing the whole tree from the ground. For this you will need council approval which can be gotten through the following procedure in Australia;

  1. Download the relevant application form for tree removal from your local council in Australia
  2. Fill the details in the form
  • Pay for the fee of the corresponding application to the local council
  1. Be patient and wait for a notification from the local council
  2. Wait to be contacted by a tree management officer, you will come and inspect the tree you want to remove

As seen above, applying for tree removal from your local council is a simple task that you can get done if you know the steps of how to work on it. You just have to submit to your local city council all the relevant information and wait for a field officer to inspect the tree. They should then give a thumbs up and let you proceed with the removal of the tree. You should also be aware of the rules of the tree removal early before you take any action.

When council approval is required for you to remove a tree

The council is given the authority by the state to decide whether you can proceed with the removal of a tree or not; whether in your private property or not. If you do not act according to the law and defy the law, you will be facing hefty fines from the local council.

You might get approval from the council for the following situations;

  • If the tree is growing uncontrollably in a manner that it can be considered to be a safety hazard. Like when it is overgrowing too much towards your property
  • If the tree you want to remove is unhealthy and about to fall any time soon
  • If the tree is showing prominent signs of being affected with rotting and this might be dangerous if it falls and harms those who are nearby
  • If you discover that the tree is infested by insects that are quite harmful and you want it removed to control the spread of the insect. Removing the tree could be done to limit the spread of the insects to other plantations nearby
  • If the existence of the tree suggests that it poses harm to the people or their property that are close to the tree

Council approval will be needed when the tree is not growing in some of the situations listed above. Similarly, there are exempted tree species that you can remove without getting council approval. On the other hand, if the tree you want to remove is not of a species in the exempted species list, then you just have to apply for council approval before you proceed with the removal process.

Trees are protected by the state and this is for a reason. Mostly, the state prevents the uncontrolled cutting of trees by citizens to avoid environmental issues that the trees serve to provide among their benefits. You should, therefore, pursue the appropriate procedure before cutting down a tree in Perth to avoid complications with authorities in the country. The last thing you want is being on the wrong side of the law.

Bottom line

Even if you want to remove a tree that is in your private property, you will have to seek council approval. Breaching of the policy underlined by the state would lead to you being heavily fined by the state which is surely something you don’t want. You can follow the above simple procedure and get the council approval before you proceed with the removal of a tee even in your private property. If you have any questions feel free to contact Perth’s most trusted Tree Lopping Company.

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