How much does it cost to remove a large tree?

How much does it cost to remove a large tree?

Trees might be nature’s most treasured gift to mankind, but they pose a danger when they grow in specific ways. You might just be forced to remove a tree either in your private property or one that is existing within the public property. Several reasons might push you to remove a tree; this article highlights some of them and the cost that you will have to incur to remove a tree.

Trees are special thanks to the seamless benefits that they offer you when they are in your property. Their value is just priceless and that is why Australia is filled with some of the rarest tree species that you can find in the world today. However, if you ignore removing a tree, you might be affected with serious risks that are caused by the tree, especially if they grow uncontrollably. That is why early tree removal intervention would be a wise idea to avoid some of the risks that specific trees possess if they are left to grow.

Cost of tree removal

If you are stuck between paying for a tree removal service or letting it be, then you just have to make a decision early enough to avoid serious consequences. The Australian weather is quite extreme and this might cause trees, especially those that are weak or affected with diseases, to fall after a heavy downpour or a storm. When they fall on our property, the damage is so severe and might even cost more than a tree removal service would.

In Australia, the average price of removing a tree would cost $871, which is according to the price rates in 2019. You could hire a local arborist to get the work done for you. You should let professionals do that work since you might not be able to do the work yourself. Professionals are experienced in removing trees and will also do the work in a manner that prevents damage from the falling trees that will be caused on your house and other property.

The price of tree removal also varied depending on the circumstances of the growth of the tree. For instance, if the tree is a big one, you might have to cough out more than $871 for it to be removed. Similarly, the complexity of the work will also determine the price that you will be charged for the tree removal work.

The main factors that will affect the tree removal cost from your professional local arborist include;

  • The species of the tree; some tree species have numerous branches which make the whole tree removal work to be quite complex
  • Weight of the tree; some trees have timber that is quite heavy and this requires more effort from the labour work and thus a higher price for the tree removal service
  • Accessibility of the tree; if the tree is quite difficult to reach, this is a challenge to the arborists you are working to get it removed. They will take more time and effort to remove the tree which will force you to cough more than the above stated average price
  • Risky nature of the work; some trees grow right next to electricity lines which makes it quite dangerous for the team working on the removal. They will be forced to charge you a heavier bill for the work
  • The service provider you work with; the cost of tree removal varies from one service provider to the next. Some professional arborists will charge you more for the tree removal work than others. You should also consider the quality of the work as some may charge more and proceed to offer an extensive service to you that will be worth every penny you pay for it.

Price should not be the major issue of concern when choosing between arborists as you could also consider the standards and quality of the work they will put through for you. Some offer the best services at a higher price rate which will be worth it.

Council approval for tree removal

Before you remove a tree, you will have to be aware of the regulations set by the local council of Australia concerning tree removal. In Australia, you can’t just get up one morning and proceed to remove a tree from its natural habitat. This would attract heavy fines from the local authorities if you do not have an approval or thumbs up from the local council in charge of that. However, for some situations, you might be free to remove a tree without the need for approval from the council. The exempted situations are;

  1. If the tree is an of a specific species
  2. If the tree is growing in a manner that it is a potential hazard to the public or their property
  • If the tee is infested with dangerous insects
  1. If the tree is rotting and you want to limit the spread of the rot from getting to other close plantations
  2. If the tree is affected by diseases affecting its structure
  3. If the tree is quite old and is almost falling and you want it removed to prevent it falling accidentally on people nearby

You risk incurring significant costs if you do not remove trees early enough. This is especially if the trees are weak and might fall with the slightest force caused by natural elements. For instance, if a storm occurs and causes the tree to fall on your property which would be a great loss for you. Therefore, removing a tree in the first place would be worth it to avoid extra expenses that you might not be able to cover when damage on your property has already occurred.

Bottom line

Tree removal work in Australia is not such a costly service if you work with one of the best service providers in the country. They should be able to provide you with an effective and inexpensive tree removal service that should relieve you from damages posed by trees in your private property.

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