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Trustworthy and Professional Tree Services at Competitive Prices.

Our Mandurah Tree Lopping Service is a simple and effective way to enhance your home’s aesthetics and add value to your property.

Effective Tree Services will ensure that you have a beautiful property that is also safe for your family.

Our experienced Arborists have the knowledge to get the most out of your trees so that they can flourish.

 Drawing on decades of experience our Arborists can effectively complete any size job safely.

Tree Loppers Mandurah

What is an Arborist?

An Arborist is a Professional that has undertaken extensive training in all areas of Tree Services.

Arborists undertake formal training at a registered institute and, matched with years of experience, gain certification.

As a customer, you can expect high levels of service and can expect that your trees are well taken care of.

Removing Trees, Grinding/Removing Tree Stumps, and removing Branches can be dangerous work.  Our team are fully insured to undertake projects in the area.

Our safety record is excellent.  The main reasons for this are:

  • High safety standards.
  • Ultra-experienced team.
  • Industry Leading Equipment.

Get in touch with our team today to get a free quote! Give us a call at (08) 9515 4932 for more information.

tree lopping mandurah

We Provide The Best Services in Mandurah

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Tree Loppers Mandurah

Do you require an expert in tree lopping for your Mandurah property?

Tree lopping is an effective way to reshape your trees while granting them a long and healthy life. By thoughtfully removing selected parts of a tree, new growth can be encouraged as you take control of the direction in which your tree grows!

Tree Lopping Process

  • We will arrange a site visit at your convenience and listen to what you would like to achieve.
  • Our qualified arborists will discuss potential courses of action to get the most from your trees.
  • Our team of experts will carry out the necessary work and return the area back to you clean and tidy of green waste.

Expert Tree Lopping Mandurah

  • We take immense pride in our tree-lopping services and guarantee an exceptional experience.
  • Our team strive to meet high professional standards that ensure each project is carried out safely.
  • Clear and transparent pricing offers excellent value.

Professional Arborist Mandurah

Do you have a tree that you would like removed?

There are many reasons you would want to have a tree removed.  It may be growing too close to buildings or is dead or dying. Whatever the reason, we can help.

  • Damaged Trees: Tragically, some trees suffer irreparable destruction due to harsh weather patterns, disease or other. When in this situation, assess the tree’s condition and if you can’t save it, then contemplate removing it from your property.
  • Emergency Tree Removal: Storms can be catastrophic, with lashing winds and unrelenting rain that has the potential to wreak havoc on power lines, homes and members of the community. Hazardous trees weakened by age or illness are especially vulnerable to these natural disasters.
  • Diseased Trees: Unidentified disease can significantly contribute to tree death, yet it may not become noticeable until the damage is too advanced. Have any trees you believe are diseased professionally inspected immediately!
  • Dead Tree: As a tree dies, its stability progressively diminishes and could lead to potential catastrophe if it collapses. We can mitigate any danger to nearby properties and residents by cutting down the decayed tree.
  • Encroaching Trees: Healthy and thriving trees may be a health and potential hazard to buildings if their roots start encroaching on the foundation or even interfere with power lines or plumbing.
  • Unpleasant Trees: If a tree just doesn’t fit your preferences or you want to make your property neat, you can permanently remove or alter it to match your vision for the space.

Want a tree removed? Our tree removal professionals are ready to assess your tree, allowing you to make an educated choice about how to move forward.

Stump Grinding Mandurah

Do you have a Tree Stump that requires Grinding? Free up space and remove tripping hazards with our fast and effective Stump Grinding Service.

We use stump grinding machines that can swiftly grind down any leftover trunk.

Our industry leading equipment will make quick work of any size stump.

Stump Removal Mandurah

There are many reasons you would want to remove a stump from your property.  Main reasons are:

  • Remove Tripping Hazards
  • Remove Potential Homes For Pests
  • Make Space For Landscaping Project

Get rid of them with our efficient and reliable stump removal services!

If a tree-related job in Mandurah needs to be done, we’re the first choice for locals – our professional service is rated #1.

Our industry experts have provided exceptional stump removal services for years in and around Mandurah, WA.

Our industry-leading equipment and extensive experience will make fast work out of any size (or type) of tree stump.

Don’t fret if you don’t have easy access to your property because our technicians will find a way to make it happen.

Contact us now for free quotes and unearth how we can assist you!

Best Tree Lopping Experts in Mandurah, WA

Four Seasons Tree Service has been devoted to delivering residential and commercial clients with professional tree services at cost-effective rates for many years.

Are you in need of an expert arborist? Look no further! Our team of professional master arborists have the skill and know-how to provide various tree services.

Regardless of your needs, our crew is here to help with any type or size job related to trimming trees.

So put us on the job for fast and effective results in tree removals!

Get in touch with us now to get free quotes at (08) 9515 4932! Years of Expert Tree Service

We have had the honour of being in this field for years and are delighted to share our expertise with you.

Our exceptional arborist team is dedicated to providing top-tier tree removal services in the tree industry.

Each employee has been carefully chosen for their expertise and unwavering commitment to satisfying customers’ needs thoroughly.

Our team of arborists is the top-rated in town, renowned for their expertise and experience.

Our experienced professionals are here to ensure that your trees and shrubs stay healthy, thrive, and look their absolute best.

We guarantee reliable tree removals at unbeatable prices – put us to the test!

Get an accurate estimate for free! So contact us today and get started.

Our team of tree loppers is standing by around the clock to attend to any emergency you may have. We will be at your tree services in a flash and guarantee that we’ll fix the problem on-site immediately.

Why Choose Us?

Family Owned Business

Four Seasons Tree Service is the premier, family-owned and operated business that offers exceptional tree maintenance.

Our company consists of a team of seasoned professionals who specialise in trimming and removing trees – even hazardous ones – so you’ll have a stunning landscape or view. Let us help make your dream garden come true today!

Certified Tree Servicing Experience

We’ve offered premium tree care services to the Mandurah area for years. Our certified specialists are prepared to address any issue you have with your trees, large or small. From tree-pruning dying branches and cutting down stumps – there’s no job too intimidating for us!

Affordable Pricing

Our highly skilled professionals offer premium tree services at competitive rates in Mandurah, WA. With 20+ years of experience under our belts in the tree service local business, you can trust that your trees will look immaculate!

We have the know-how and expertise to provide top service for your needs – big or small.

Fully Insured

Enjoy the comfort you’ve been longing for with Four Seasons Tree Service! Our certified arborists are fully insured, allowing you to be at peace knowing that your trees are in the professional care of our skilled team.

Obligation Free Quote

At Four Seasons Tree Service, we pride ourselves on delivering quality tree surgery services that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Plus, we offer free estimates so you can rest assured knowing precisely what to expect before committing.

And with our expert touch, don’t be surprised if your trees look and feel healthier than ever!


Four Seasons Tree Service ensures you take back control of your property!

Our experienced team of Mandurah tree loppers in the Mandurah area are dependable when restoring yards so that they can be a source of pride.

Contact us today and reclaim your backyard with Four Seasons Tree Service!

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Frequently Asked Questions

An arborist’s expertise and experience facilitate them to identify signs of good or ill health, diagnose diseases, propose treatments and abide by local laws on the protection of trees. Employing professional arborist guarantees that your trees will be tended to appropriately and proficiently.

A tree care specialist, an arborist or arboriculturist, practices the art and science of caring for tree surgery.

As a tree lopper with specialised knowledge in various disciplines, including pruning, fertilisation and pest control – this expert is fully trained to maintain healthy growth while preserving the natural beauty of your landscape.

Numerous factors weigh in on the final cost of Mandurah tree removal services.

In the Mandurah, WA and Peel region, you can expect to spend approximately $1,100 on average for Tree Removal Services.

If you’re searching for an accurate cost estimation, contact a specialist tree removal service like Pete’s Tree Worx.

Depending on size, potential hazards in the area, and accessibility of the tree to be removed, tree loppers can take down a single tree within an hour or up to multiple hours.

Smaller trees require less time, while larger ones may take more effort.


If you would like to discuss potential approvals required by the local council you can call us or contact the shire directly.